Wednesday, June 23

Klaatu Barata Vertu

Suddenly, my cellphone seems so .. inadequate. Had I discovered Vertu's website earlier, I could have had a white|yellow gold ... or even platinum phone for $3,800-30,000. They do not include silly digicams or Internet connections; rather, they take and make phone calls. Gotta wonder how much ringtones cost for one of these chic pieces of technology.

Government GWB-Speak

Monday night, the local school district "changed the Local Optional Percentage Homestead Exemption from 15% to 10%". Huh? - translation, please? This means that my taxes rose by $400/year. This is part of the Crisis in Texas Education Funding that's taking place. The state legislature met in (yet another) special session a few weeks ago, and couldn't come to a conclusion. So, this is what we get. Remind me to vote some of these twits out of office at the very next opportunity.

I spoke with Drew-Bob last night; we may rendezvous for lunch today, or tomorrow, or The Day After. I must go floss my teeth, just in case.

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