Tuesday, June 22

oligopolistic humor

I suspect there is a market for a Comic Strip Aggregator. Any VCs [Venture Capitalists] want to fund my idea? As best I can determine, the American humor market is controlled by four (4) companies, who have a stranglehold on the daily newspaper comics: uComics; King Features; creators.com; and comics.com. I must muse whether this is a violation of the various laws against oligopolistic behavior (where an industry is controlled by a relative few). Hmmm. This requires Deep Thought.

A few weeks ago, the Dallas Managed News asked the readership to vote on which comics would continue To See The Light Of Day. As with all change, this terrifies me. What if Bubba Bob Buford's choices of stupid comics win the battle? What if Beetle Bailey beats Dilbert? What if Nancy trumps Bizarro? This is all so very unsettling.

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