Thursday, June 24

Just another manic Thursday

Okay, I updated my Sundry on Thursday blog for the week. It's amazing how many tangents exist, not that I have Adult ADD or anything.

I was invited (by an Anarcho-Syndicalist, no less) to visit a Hazardous Chemical Collection site today. Most household chemicals degrade after a year, and I still had some goodies dating back to World War II, so .. they're all gone now.  Posted by Hello

This one was located in a slice of high-rent real estate next to the DART light rail line, and (like the one other time I've been to one of these), we were first (and last) in line. Although I brought along my Texas driver's license, and my Dallas water bill (to show that I am a resident and thus allowed to bring my Diazinon, flea killer, etc.) they didn't ask to inspect either one. I suppose they were just happy to get the business.

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