Tuesday, June 15

coming soon: a petabyte of email?

I spotted a 3-paragraph item in today's Dallas Managed News:
SBC expanding e-mail boxes to 2 gigabytes

SBC Communications Inc. plans to announce today that it will offer its broadband customers up to 2 gigabytes of online e-mail storage, twice as much as Google Inc.'s new Gmail service .... The move is meant to bolster the San Antonio-based phone company's broadband service against cable companies and other Internet service providers and is not targeted at Google, said SBC spokesman Larry Meyer
which may explain the peculiar email I got last night:
You are currently exceeding your Yahoo! Mail storage quota by a very large amount. You are only allowed -2048.0MB of storage but you are
currently using 0.0MB of storage. Your account has been temporarily
disabled from receiving new messages. The easiest way to continue receiving your important email is to expand your mailbox. Yahoo! Mail offers 10, 25, 50 and 100MB of storage space starting at just $9.99/year. Click here now to order Extra Storage.
I emailed Yahoo Tech Support last night, and they said this was probably spam - certainly not anything that Yahoo sent. Yeah, right. Last time I checked, 2048MB=2GB. Mystery solved?
3pm update: no, i was not alone. The Register reports: Yahoo! storage goes negative

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