Wednesday, June 9

The Elbonians' debut!

William Bob has all the details on his SEC (Search Engine Challenged) website, so I won't duplicate things. Suffice it to say that we have a new name for our bowling team: The Elbonians.

The Elbonians are composed of current and former Sun Microsystems employees, with a 4th member To Be Named Real Soon. It should make for a fun 12 week league; I plan to revert to being a sub(stitute) and/or voyeur in the fall; that 36 week "fall" league (which ends in May) is just too demanding.

In week one, we somehow went 3-1 against the Legendary Crystal Ballers. Actually, the "somehow" is easy to figure out: it's a handicapped league (skill is optional, but upward deviation from Your Average means everything).


If you're not into Dilbert (the cartoon) you may need a definition of Elbonians.

Before agreeing on the new name, we tossed around other ideas:
Air Ball; Ancient Egyptian Bowl; Asok the Intern; Bowl Breakers; China Bowl; Dilbert Rules!; Doggies Rollin'; Field Goal!; Get a Clue Sherlock; Gravy Bowl; Life of Leazure; Nothing but Net; Onomatopoeia; Return This!; Roll Your Own; Rollback the Clock; Slapshots; Some Microbowlers; Team Name [sic]; Team Number 2; The Exfoliaters; Up Your Alley; Whatzit 2U; Wide Right
I think we made the right choice.

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