Sunday, June 13

vegetarians: duck and cover

Tonight will be a good night in front of The Tube: HBO's Six Feet Under finally starts new episodes. Years ago, a boss (or was he a mere co-worker?) mentioned a group he'd joined .. something like Quality Television Programming. I think Dennis would approve of Six Feet Under. Truly good stuff. I haven't thought about Dennis in years .. hmm. His surname is too common to make tracking him down a trivial task.

I was trying to explain the usual demeanor of a more recent co-worker whom I called Don Quixote (for fighting imaginary foes) and was shocked to see that The Word Detective didn't have the definition for ham-handed. Well, hyperdictionary did:
ham-handed [adj] not skillful in physical movement especially with the hands; 'a bumbling mechanic'; 'a bungling performance'; 'ham-handed governmental interference'; 'could scarcely empty a scuttle of ashes, so handless was the poor creature' (Mary H. Vorse) Synonyms: bumbling, bungling, butterfingered, ham-fisted, handless, heavy-handed, left-handed, maladroit"
Speaking of ham .. each time I go the grocery, I make an attempt to buy one new item .. something I've never had before. This week, I was in the International Aisle and spotted Gamesa Pineapple Fruitbars Cookies [sic]. Indeed, these pineapple fruit bars weren't half bad. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but at least it avoids boredom.

I went to CD World in Addison yesterday to buy tickets for a local event. Turns out their claim to fame is used (pre-owned) CDs and DVDs (they even had some vinyl records - remember those?). I'd never been inside before, but have passed there hundreds of times. I've often heard that, in retail, one of the hardest jobs is getting people in your door. Believe it.

I'm not sure how much of the interview is valid ( sometimes perplexes me) but it makes for entertaining reading: Reagan blasts Bush. There are some great one-liners from Ron Jr, including: "Dick Cheney is to the right of Genghis Khan".

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