Thursday, June 3

oh, waiter ...

The Kyocera K-7 Rave (cellphone) doesn't have an external connector (other than power) so I had to manually enter the stuff from my Nokia 6360's address book: what a pain. The good news is that I could eliminate most of the numbers, since they were internal 5-digit extensions, which I won't be calling anymore. AT&T Wireless' "Office Dialing" feature was the only reason I kept them as a provider (and now they're being bought by Cingular Wireless).

The FCC apparently would like the porting of phone numbers to take 2.5 hours, but Virgin Mobile predicted 3-5 business days. When the switch happens, the old phone will stop working (except for 911 of course) and the new one will start, signalled by a "Welcome to Virgin Mobile" message. So now I wait, and carry both phones with me. At least now the carriers have some practice, unlike last November (see Porting your cell number).

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