Wednesday, June 2

cheap suddenly ain't so cheap?

Jill-Bob and I were comparing cellphone plans. I like Virgin Mobile's (based on my low usage). Their rate structure is simple: 25¢ per minute for the first 10 minutes each day, then 10¢ per minute thereafter. My usage is very bursty and that would work well (especially given free long distance and free roaming).

However, what if I used it 24x7 for a full month?

24x60x30 days (43,200 minutes a month): 300 minutes would be @ 25¢, the balance @ 10¢ .. so $4,365 a month! Egads!
Update: I bought a Kyocera K7 RAVE off Target's shelf; it comes with $10 of airtime, and I can auto-recharge the phone using a credit card, just like my Starbucks card. The phone itself doesn't feel as solid as my Nokia, but it'll do. Afterall, it's just a phone, right? It's charging now. Next step is an attempt at LNP: Local Number Portability. (i.e., can I keep my cell number?)

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