Friday, June 25

Fried Egg? Fry Day? oh, Friday!

woke up;
got out of bed;
dragged a comb across my head;
let Beta (the Wonder Dog) outside;
fetch the paper;
check email;
check the RSS feeds;
notice that cellphone balance was ~$2.25 (it came with $10);
call Jill-Bob to see if lunch was still on (it was - i didn't get the email until 4:30p Friday);
GoMowGrass (front yard);
let Beta inside.

do lunch (Drew-Bob didn't come: I was somewhat bummed);
mosey to Target and bought a $20 Top-Up card for my cellphone; socks; and a compass that was on sale (for the next time I visit Underground Dallas);

... then I dodged the thunderbolts en route Plano (2 hours at the eye doctor) -- he said there wasn't much change, and suggested i dig out that set of +1 reading glasses when i find myself unable to read when i'm wearing my contacts! {sigh}

I asked for dilation of my pupil (wanted a full checkup); he put some drops in my eyes (after asking if i was allergic to Novocaine) which felt like Super-Glue. Then he took some photos, and pronounced my eyes healthy (except for needing a -10 diopter correction but that's old news). Had to pay for this with personal funds, since the VSP wasn't available until August (not sure if that's part of COBRA anyway). They tried to see if my United Healthcare (PPO) would cover it, but .. no such luck.

5 pm
then i came home and read the last 3 newspapers;
went online to Virgin Mobile's website and did the Top-Up thing (a few seconds later my phone lit up with the message "$20 has been added to your account!");

9 pm
noticed that today's snail mail contained 3 checks from Sun: regular paycheck; last paycheck; accrued vacation. interesting that the last paycheck arrived before my last official day (July 4th - Independence Day - how apropos!). on July 5th, I can sign and mail the paperwork for the 12 weeks severance, then start looking for work.

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