Sunday, June 20

Cool Daddy-O

I'm guessing there were 100+ vehicles (including two motorcycles) at Addison's Big Daddy's Day Cool Car Show. I took over 100 pictures (many of which were in focus!) .. all cars appeared well-maintained; I was most impressed by a 1939 Ford, complete with the original occupants:

and then there was the standard-issue Texas dually: 

And in the "everybody's a comedian" category, the owner of a 1937 Chevy put a Bob's Big Boy figurine inside the engine compartment: 

1937 Chevy with Big Boy in the engine compartment Posted by Hello

I should have allowed more time to talk to the owners, many of whom were (rightfully) very proud of their cars. Note to self: showing up with one hour remaining doesn't allow for sufficient chat time.

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