Sunday, June 27

one phish, two phish, red phish, blue phish *

Are the rest of you seeing traffic about phishing? I suspect a campaign is underway, trying to make us more savvy about what to expect from our financial institutions. I'm on a regular distribution from mine, and always pay attention when I MouseOver a link, to be sure it's really going back to their site. I've seen IP addresses during a MouseOver, and I never trust those (give me DNS lookup any day). I often err on the side of paranoia (!) and manually type in web addresses.

The top hit when Google'ing for [phishing] is: .. wonder if that's anything like anti-matter (from Star Trek)?

Here's other stuff I've seen about phishing:

Tangled in the Phishing Lines by Amey Stone (June 2004)

How to Avoid the 'Phish' Hook by Amey Stone (May 2004)

Phishing Tackle (June 2004)

and some good screen captures: Phishing email alerts
* with appropriate apologies to Dr. Seuss

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