Saturday, June 12

nonstop excitement

Deep Thought #36: While reading 18 Immutable Laws of Corporate Reputation I couldn't help but wonder why our government (much less the Fortune 500) doesn't follow these "laws". Hmmm.

Being in a surly mood, yesterday I ...

cut the front yard grass;
got a haircut;
saw the provocative movie about Al-Jazeera: Control Room @ The Magnolia (there are several reviews);
napped (and hence missed Jill-Bob's mega-bash at The Ginger Man);
got a car wash;
filled up the car ($2.09 for premium, minus 5% for using the AAA Visa from MBNA);
bought milk (2 half-gallons for $2.50 versus $3.19 for a gallon);
read lots stuff on the RSS Aggregator (Ronald Reagan died? really??);
ate a bowl of Life cereal;
went to sleep.

Today, I woke up to find that a speeding Dodge Viper damaged one of our (brick and concrete) neighborhood markers. This is the second time it's been hit. The first time, the rocket scientist left the scene of the crime, but his license plate number was marked in the sand. He was later tracked down and charged, and his insurance company footed the bill.

Next, I will weed the flower beds, in preparation for Monday's "bulky and brushy" trash pickup. Do I know how to party, or what?

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