Monday, January 19

3 year old ZIP code split : still a problem

I went to the site to find out more about Myoplex® Lite (a nutrition drink). There is much good info, but no discount for buying online versus retail ($10/4 at GNC or $60/24 online). The Body for Life book recommends 6 small meals a day (of which 3 could be a nutrition drink). 3 servings per day of Myoplex would be $7.50 per day. Searching for Myoplex (on Froogle) produced several places which discount it.

EAS' website has a way to find local resellers, so I fed it my ZIP code and it says that Tom Thumb (owned by Safeway) carries their products; hmm .. must see if that's true (oftentimes places only carry a few products, so if I'm looking for a nutrition drink and all they carry is health bars, well, it does me no good).

I have learned to also feed websites my old ZIP code (before the USPS split it in two, July 2001); sure enough, it came up with a much longer list, including Albertsons; Kroger; Eckerd; 24 Hour Fitness; GNC; Target; and even Smoothie King.

Yesterday, we went to Oshman's and got some more toys for the exercise room, including stuff from Go One of the toys was a pair of X-Static™ socks (Nike brand) which use Dupont's CoolMax® fibers. Oshman's had a 25% off everything coupon in the Sunday DMN, good that day only (apparently to draw business during the football playoffs) . I saved about $70, so this made up for the overcharge at The Mecca!

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