Tuesday, January 20

Blackout Extravaganza

I bowled 3 games during the Monday night leagues, then another 4 or 5 afterwards with John, Matthew and Jason during the Blackout Extravaganza (9:30p-midnight). I didn't spot anything about this on the Plano Super Bowl website; I guess they hope everyone reads about it here on the GeneBobBlog?

During Blackout bowling, they turn off the lights over the lanes so that all you see clearly are the pins. Off in the distance, a small disco ball or two provides the ambiance. Some pins are striped, but that didn't come into play last night. Last night, any time a bowler got a strike, they could go Spin The Wheel for prizes. I won a free hour of pool (billiards) for 4 people, and 2 free games of bowling. I think other stuff includes free food and/or drinks from the snack bar, and maybe an all-expense paid trip to Allen, TX (the next city north).

BTW, kudos to John for winning The Hoagie (best handicapped score (of 22 teams in our league) during the first game). He bowled a 222 scratch (277 handicap) and a 738 handicap series: very cool. I earned The Hoagie a few weeks ago with a 192 scratch (272 handicapped); our team is the only one where all 4 bowlers have won it. What is The Hoagie, you ask? It's about 10-12 sandwich-segments of turkey, ham or roast beef and Ruffles (brand) potato chips. Oftentimes there's enough to share with bowlers on other teams, too.

While John was Bowling for Hoagies, I won the informal competition with our "sister team" for the best handicapped series (I bowled a 669 handicapped series, just enough to keep Todd's demon-inspired 666 series at bay).

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