Wednesday, January 21

shield your brain - from lies on labels

Mary sent a pointer to an eBay-France item: Pet Foil Hat Technology (PFHT). I believe this is a blatant ripoff of American AFDB (Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie) technology (note the photo of the dog on the AFDB site). These protect your brainwaves from prying Attorney Generals, among other things.

spotted: Stop Labeling - News and information about misleading product labels (I found this while looking for more information on Kroger's "Naturally Preferred" brand of organic foods). Somewhat related is the NPI site (Nutritional & Natural Products Industry Center)

Today, I'm comparing applications for my Palm which allow me to track progress in the Body For Life program. I found 9 PalmOS apps to track Body for Life, but have narrowed it down to either bodyADVANCE ($11 shareware) or PalmBFL ($20).

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