Sunday, January 11

fail to plan, plan to fail

JB and I didn't go to the National Body Challenge yesterday because of the absurdly long lines. Kathryn Yegge's article in the DMN says 3500 people waited up to 8 hours (and only the first 2000 got those 90-day Bally's memberships). This debacle was duplicated at 100 sites across the country .. literally thousands of unhappy campers. Discovery Health gets a big ZERO for lack of common sense planning; the only plus is that they had the decency to warn people via their web site; they knew the disaster was coming. I registered in advance, and received NO emails from them with this warning.

Since I didn't go for that 6-8 hour wait, my time wasn't wasted; I finished assembling the sparkly thing from Schonbek, and even learned (via the Schonbek FAQ) how high to hang it (30" above the table).

I'm starting an annoying trend .. writing dates like some sort of truncated European IP address. Hence: January 11, 2004 becomes 11.1.4 (11 January `04) and Independence Day will be 4.7.4 .. this should baffle most humans and thus be immensely pleasurable. Who's with me on this? Chris (from MaGaW) suggests "Your Euro IP-address date format is going to crash the economy in 6 years with the Y10 bug : 2010 will appear to come before 2002-2009." to which I reply: "ah, you see My Master Plan! bwah ha^42"

Finally, spotted: Microsoft BS Analyzer

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