Friday, January 2

Friday Five

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .
locating some good deals on music at the Mockingbird Virgin Megastore's Dive In sale (until 2 February)

...over the next week?
starting the National Body Challenge (a 12-week program)

...this year?
being elected Dog Catcher of Muddy Creek, Texas (the town where Bubba Ho-Tep is depicted)

...over the next five years?
being able to successfully use the word egregious in casual conversation

...for the rest of your life?
feeling happy (not giddy, nor perky .. just warm and at peace)


The 2004 Banished Words is out (per Lake Superior State University (LSSU)):
Metrosexual; Punked; Place Stamp Here; Companion animals; Bling-Bling; LOL; Embedded Journalist; Smoking Gun; Shock and Awe; Captured Alive; Shots Rang Out; Ripped From the Headlines; Sweat Like a Pig; In Harm's Way; Hand-Crafted Latte; Sanitary Landfill.
LSSU has been doing the Banished Word List since 1976! (their archive is online) I was especially pleased to see that (quote) "LSSU accepts nominations for the Word Banishment list throughout the year." Yee-ha!

GoogL'ost: Nathan Callahan (of Orange County, California) and (which is really starting to remind me of DanQuayleSpeak)

and finally .. recent movies watched: Anger Management (2003); An American In Paris (1951)