Monday, January 26

Nice Socks!

Due to another commitment, I won't be league-bowling tonight. This is so sad, since I've grown used to viewing the coordinated wardrobe of one Matthew P. Brumley*. His SBA [Standard Bowling Attire] includes orange socks and a non-matching orange T-shirt with the number 11 on the back and an X (Roman numeral 10?) on the front. I suspect there is a deep-seated meaning to this numerology fixation. I asked him if he was a Syracuse University fan and he said no - but it's obvious that he's enamored with Orange Socks. Maybe he's a University of Tennessee fan?

* GeneBobBlog readers will note that I commonly use aliases here, unless granted permission by the individual. Yes, Matthew P. has granted permission. So there. Henceforth, he shall be known as NiceSox.

NiceSox is on the same team as NiceShirt, in case you were wondering (I know you were). Maybe I'll see them both at the Blackout Extravaganza (after league bowling is complete). Several thousand people are expected, so get your tickets early.

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