Thursday, January 15

we're #10! we're #10!

Dallas ranked #10 in the recent list of Most Stressful Cities, according to Sperling's BestPlaces (of course, their methodology has to be understood and accepted before you look for someone to make a custom "We're #10!" T-shirt).

today's DMN contained "Confessions of a blogger" regarding Leia Scofield's blog: Random Thoughts from A Large Head. The article mentioned and (I was unfamiliar with the former).

When I spot something interesting in a magazine or newspaper, I make a note on my PDA. Then, weeks or months go by before I remember to check out the sites. That's what happened today when I came across pointers to Discover DFW | Grateful Palate | Diet Gourmet | Collin Street Bakery | Bradford Exchange | Google Alert | Google News Alerts | Volunteers for Peace | | Truck Trader Online

mentioned in Feb 2003 AARP Magazine:
Gohn Brothers - Amish catalog ($1)
PO Box 1110
Middlebury IN 46540

I was mildly surprised to find online, although it's just a pointer to (Pennsylvania Dutch). I remember traveling through central Ohio a few years ago, when we came across an Amish section. It was midday, so we stopped at one of their restaurants (I had no idea what to expect). Turns out it's what we'd call "home cookin'" .. I had a fish sandwich and some cole slaw .. truly Amish cuisine. In hindsight, I should have looked for any signs of electricity (did you ever hear Weird Al's Amish Paradise? .. it's a Coolio spoof)


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