Monday, January 5


We did good @ bowling tonight .. swept the other team 4-0. This will move us up to 6th place with a lot of weeks to go. There are 22 teams in our league, and I've gotten to know one of the other teams on a first name basis. So, it with great fanfare that I congratulate Matthew for bowling a 255 (handicapped) tonight (scratch games of 212, 220, 182 for a 614 series). Nice job, Matt, even if you do wear socks that match your very orange shirt.

The 220 was good, but not good enough for OneStop! (that requires a 275 or better, plus (minor nit) you have to be employed by my company). I think we'll be bowling Jack, John, Laurie & Matt's team next week (we have equal records) so .. off come the gloves!

There are a lot of web sites which list song lyrics, but I wandered across one tonight that has an interesting rating system at the bottom of each page: Also worth checking out: the list of partner sites on

I wonder if I should be writing this blog in Plain English? The 26,000 or so members of the National Court Reporters Association would probably agree.

finally, there is a long page on (I18N=internationalization .. get it? I followed by 18 letters ending in N) which documents Translations that are Marketing Mistakes; this included a pointer to a site which corrected a JFK gaffe that never happened (he did not say "I am a jelly doughnut" to the people of Berlin).

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