Monday, January 12

upsize this!

Most QSRs (Quick Service Restaurant) have Combo Meals (a.k.a. Value Meals) which come in different sizes. They've undoubtedly studied Starbucks' use of tall, grande and vente. Except for Jack-in-the-Box, the QSRs are not content to call them Small, Medium or Large; instead, they call the combos:

Biggie Size (Wendy's);
Bueno Size (Taco Bueno);
King Size (Burger King);
Super Size (McDonald's)

My favorite is Whataburger, who asks if you want to "Whatasize" your order (at first, I just thought it was an Italian guy working the drive thru). Sonic asks if you want a Route 44 (44 ounces including about 50% ice) drink. 7-11 has their Big Gulp® and Super Big Gulp®. One thing you won't find at a QSR is a MoonPie® (southern delicacy). has a lot of good information, but I was interested in their Drug Interaction Database. I take 800 IU Vitamin E, and 81 mg. aspirin each day, and it was easy to check to see if there was any problem taking them together (there was not).

It's too bad I don't live in California; I'd be grabbing some of that Free Money From Microsoft (class action claim). The Microsoft settlement claim forms are posted at; Microsoft products licensed and purchased for use in California from 18.2.95 to 15.12.1 are eligible.

GoogL'ost: Java Technology and the Mission to Mars

finally, there are (at least) two JAMAs:
Journal of the American Medical Association (includes JAMA Archive Collections);
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.
Can you guess which organization registered their domain first?

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