Thursday, January 8

yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Want to let others know what you think about your automobile dealer? Go to I remember the old days (10 years ago) before there were "Pre-Owned Vehicles" (back then, they were called Used Cars). I came across this pointer after reading how one (Ontario, California) car dealer treated a customer whose car was totalled while in for routine service (one of the mechanics took the customer's sports car out for a high-speed joy ride).

I searched for used car horror stories, and there are many. So, I was amused to wander across the Texas Attorney General's advice when buying a used car.

When searching the web for "least respected professions" you consistently find used car salesmen, politicians, and journalists. I've only bought one used car, and never from a politician or journalist! I inherited one car (my 2nd) .. a beautiful mud-brown Chevrolet Nova. {sigh} Now, that was a car!

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