Friday, January 23

culture in Grapevine

PJ and I went to the Gaelic Storm concert in Grapevine last night (at the Palace Theatre). It lasted about 3 hours, including the intermission. Before the concert, I got to chat with Steve Wehmeyer (one of the co-founders); that was cool. They sang a few songs from a new CD due in May. During the last 3 songs, everyone was on their feet, clapping and moving to the tunes .. great stuff. Gaelic Storm's website says they're in Austin tonight. Also performing was the Iverin Irish Dance Company (of Dallas).

I like the Palace Theatre; it only seats about 425, so every seat is a good one (even the balcony!) .. we were on row 5 so had an excellent view of the stage. This is much better than attending a concert at Reunion Arena or the AAC, but not so sure about comparisons with the Meyerson.

On a related note: do not trust those online maps to give the best directions. Had I followed the one last night, I might have ended up on Mars and run into the Spirit Rover. Fortunately, I've been to downtown Grapevine before and skillfully found The Palace without a lot of trouble -- and (male bonus) I didn't stop and ask for directions.

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