Saturday, January 10

... and fruit flies like a banana

Time flies when you're having fun. It's time to begin thinking (plotting) about what to do for April Fool's Day. It arrived 3 months early for this poor guy in Washington state: Friends foil Olympia man's home

A few weeks ago (24 Dec 2003) I wrote about the web site, and their page which lists the traffic laws which took effect in September. Today, I spotted the official Texas Department of Public Safety's official list of those laws (I suspected it had to be out there somewhere).

Wow! Talk about spellbound! What could be more exciting than reading the website of the legendary Muzak® Corporation? Someone, please .. hold me down!. I also found it interesting to see that they're in the music capital of the world (South Carolina). I must wonder if Muzak was studied in the literary work The Effects of Sound/Music on Human Digestion
Deep Thought #23: perhaps I can find this treatise in one of the shoppes in The Dallas Galleria!