Sunday, January 18

don't sweat the small stuff

Yesterday, I finally got around to eating at The Mecca (recommended by HayJax) ; I had my standard breakfast fare: huevos rancheros (yum) and fresh-squeezed orange juice (yum). I split one of their enormous homemade cinnamon rolls. They open at 6am for breakfast (anytime) and lunch only. The area around Harry Hines and Northwest Highway is not my neighborhood, so I won't be there every day, but if they ever open a second location, I'll be there! This place is showing its age, and has lots of kitschy memorabilia inside ("if you're smoking, you'd better be on fire" sign, and much more). Note to self: double-check their math the next time; they overcharged me. Had there not been a line behind me (they close at 2pm and it was a few minutes before) I would've taken the time to avoid that.
Deep Thought #24: there are big financial mistakes in life, and small ones; don't sweat the small stuff.
Saturday night, we went to The Magnolia (in the West Village) to see Monster; there were long lines for tickets. Charlize Theron should win a Golden Globe (at minimum) for her role as Aileen (Lee) Wuornos. It's hard to believe she's the same person; Charlize looks very different under makeup!

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