Friday, January 30

wrong DNA

I was looking for the North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance (NDNA) and tried, which turned out to be the North Dakota Nurses Association. Oops. Turns out the correct URL is

spotted: Ben (of Ben & Jerry's) on Federal Budget & Cookies ( Rumor has it that Dick Cheney banned their ice cream from the White House after seeing this. Knowing how much the VP loves Ben & Jerry's ice cream, this must be serious stuff.

Gotta love the arm patch for the Salem Police Department - Salem, Massachusetts (they're available for $5 from the Cop Shop link).

The Brains Trust (British satire site) is having a field day with the BBC-Iraq-Tony Blair scandal. Great stuff, highly recommended (and far less bizarre than

I need to replace my weather-beaten windsock. Shall I order from Wind and or Into the or Quality ? Hmmm.

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