Sunday, January 25

maximizing effectiveness

I almost made a mistake: neglecting to check the AIP's Charity Rating Guide and Watchdog Report. There are many well-run charities, but also many who have excessive fundraising expenses (meaning that less of my money gets to the real recipients). The AIP's Mission Statement is "... to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar contributed to charity by providing donors with the information they need to make more informed giving decisions."

I went to Texadelphia for a late lunch; their specialties are beef or chicken cheesesteaks, but they also have veggie; turkey; salami sandwiches or even (gasp!) a hamburger. My beef cheesesteak wasn't bad!*

* In Texas, you don't say "good"; rather, you say "ain't bad". Also, you don't say "great'; rather, you say "ain't half bad". Conversely, you don't say "bad'; rather, you say "ain't good". Not sure why these all start with a negative (ain't) but they do.

culture spot: the Undermain Theatre in Deep Ellum (east of downtown Dallas).

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