Wednesday, January 28

Why, yes .. that is a banana in my pocket!

I wonder if anyone has written a chronology of the online dating sites? I seem to remember hearing about before any others, but wonder if Yahoo! Personals was there first? I've written in the GeneBobBlog before about the speed-dating places (see the Sunday, 6.7.3 entry)

A recent trend is the referral sites such as Friendster, then Tickle (by Emode) and even Orkut (by Google). Then today I read about Matcheroo. Personally, I prefer meeting others at The Dog Park, so I'm practicing new pickup lines, such as "Hey, nice Doberman!" and "Are those your real Schnauzers?".

spotted: Nick-N-Willy's World Famous Pizza. Their distinction is that they sell a freshly prepared (versus grocery frozen) pizza that you bake at home. Their only current local location is in Richardson, near Starbucks (Coit/Campbell).

After eating Nick-N-Willy's pizza, I'll need these spreadsheets for a home gym workout: Homegrown Muscle: The Series ... and then, with my washboard abs, I'll need a new name, so best to use one of these Name Generators.

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